All children grow following similar patterns of development, but every child develops at his or her own pace. If your child is behind in some areas, getting answers from a trusted expert can help you understand your own child's developmental rhythm and give you the tools you need to support this journey so that he or she can thrive.

We help you understand your child.

You can support different areas of development at home:


  • Self-feeding with utensils/ open cup

  • Taking off/ putting on clothes/shoes

  • Managing buttons, fasteners and shoelaces  

  • Washing hands, bathing and brushing teeth.

  • Independent toilet training

  • Following directions related to daily routines


  • Engaging and sustaining attention in social interactions

  • Ability to have positive interactions with adults

  • Ability to initiate contact and play with peers

  • Following and attending to social games

  • Social skills and social competence


  • Meeting motor milestones

  • Effective use of hands

  • Mobility within the environment

  • Safe playground experiences

  • Classroom tool usage

  • Prewriting and handwriting skills

  • In-hand manipulation skills

  • Core strength 


  • Attention

  • Self-control

  • Emotional regulation

  • Transitions

  • Following multi-step directions

  • Planning and organization

Sensory Processing

  • Tolerating and organizing different sensations such as sounds and textures.

  • Seeking of sensations

  • Food habits and picky eating

  • Ability to notice when they call you or you feel pain.

  • Self-regulating activity level

  • Body awareness and clumsiness


  • Being able to participate socially

  • Meeting communication milestones

  • Ability to understand what is being said

  • Following verbal commands

  • Ability to express themselves

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If you want your children to thrive, you have come to the right place. I am a mother and child development expert. I work with children and their families; to help them understand developmental differences, and solve functional problems through individualized therapeutic play plans that support their own unique child's development. 

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