Fourth of July Sensory Activity

The following activity is appropriate for children that are at or above pre-school level. Always provide the right amount of assistance*

Cookie Pop With Different Sensory Food Textures

Around the holidays, I enjoy perusing Pinterest to find themed activities for the children that I work with. I find that it is very motivating for them. For Fourth of July this year, I found these beautiful cookie pops! I thought these would be great to make with my kids with tactile sensory issues. Aren't they so pretty? Plus, who doesn't love dessert?

Although, as a child development specialist I take caution in the foods I provide during my sessions, I found this activity so therapeutic that I decided to appreciate the sensory aspects of this activity and ignore the nutritional value of the end product. Life is all about balance right? Sometimes we choose to skip dessert but sometimes we realize life is short and is up to us to make it sweet. There are actually gluten-free creme cookies that can be used if your child is allergic to gluten.

This is a simple and easy activity for children that are developmentally ready for it. I used it during my sessions with some of my kids with tactile sensory issues and they had so much fun! You can do it at home and use it as an opportunity to engage the family! I think group activities are rich in opportunities for children to learn and practice new skills. Also, children they are more willing to work through challenges when they see everyone around them doing the same thing.

Although there are plenty of skills targeted during these activity, I choose this task in order to work on sensory processing of tactile input. This is especially a great activity for kids that either really dislike getting their hands/body messy and avoid certain textures OR for kids that crave an extra dose of tactile input in their daily lives and enjoy to get a feel of anything and everything. You may think of these kids are having a sensory sensitivity or difficulty registration tactile input. Refer to my article on "What is Sensory Processing" to understand this concept a little better.

Fourth of July Sensory Pops

Different Textured Materials for Sensory Pop


1. Creme cookies

2. Cake frosting

3. Wooden sticks

4. Sprinkles

5. Kid's knife


1. Open an Oreo in half

2. Insert a wooden stick (snuggling it inside the cream).

3. Use a knife to spread the Vanilla frosting around the Oreo.

4. Use a finger to smooth the edges.

5. Add sprinkles!

Make a mess! Feel the textures! Connect with each other.

Sensory Pop End Product

* It is important to determine activities are appropriate for your child. Even though a child may be considered to be at a pre-school/school-age level because of their age, this does not necessarily means they have developed all of the skills needed for a task. If your child has some delays, it becomes more important to figure-out what would be a "just-right challenge". If the activity is too challenging, they might get frustrated and lose confidence in the things they can do. Fostering self-esteem should always be at the base of our intentions. On the other hand, if the activity is too easy they might get bored and start acting up.

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